Horse Riding Lessons

Telford Equestrian Centre is a British Horse Society and Association Of British Riding Schools approved centre. Our talented and trained instructors welcome riders of all abilities into the saddle of our trustworthy, loving ponies and horses! Using our own unique grading system, allows riders to progress at a pace they are comfortable with, learning new valuable skills and knowledge whilst having fun at the same time!

Lessons starting from the age of 5 with no upper age limit. We offer a range of different experiences for you to choose from, but please note our upper weight limit is 14 stone.


Your instructor

It is important you have a good rapport with your instructor as this will play a crucial part in your progress. Our instructors will discuss your objectives, aims and  ambitions with you. They will help you feel relaxed and ready to learn, giving you a chance to communicate with them if you have any worries or concerns or simply are just not sure on something.

We have a range of different instructors; as you progress further with your riding skills you will have the chance to experience their different teaching methods, this benefits the rider by having methods explained in a different way. Our instructors work together as a team, they collaborate with each other to help you get the best experience to benefit your learning!


●      Comfortable full-length leg wear that offers flexibility in the saddle

●      A shoe or boot with a small heel and smooth soul, riding boots are encouraged

●      A shirt that covers the shoulders, vest tops are not permitted

●      Riding hats of the correct safety standard is compulsory and are highly advised you purchase            your own. Visit the BHS website for guidance on riding hat safety standards.

●      Body protectors are highly recommended, particularly for hacking or jumping.

Our private lessons offer a great introduction for first time riders or for those experienced riders who wish to polish and perfect their riding and or competition skills.

Private lessons may be taken on your own horse or a riding school horse.

½ hour lead rein - £25

45 minute  - £32

1 hour - £45

A great opportunity not only to learn practically but also visually, having the chance to watch your peers ride too!

We hold both after school and weekend groups, helping you make your way up the grading system, whilst getting the chance to meet other riders!

½ hour  - Beginners - from £12

1 hour - intermediate - from £25

Never ridden before? Or want to do it as a one off? Then walkabouts are ideal for you! Get the feel for being in the saddle without the pressure or expense of a lesson.

½ hour - £18 per person

Experienced riders can enjoy leisurely hacks around the historic Granville Nature Country Park.

Before hacking with us you must currently be riding at our centre and have had an assessment lesson.

1 hour hack - £25

Booking for any of the options above must be made through our booking system EC PRO. If you are unsure of anything please contact us through any of our social media or call us on 01952 619825.

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These prices may be subject to change.